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Get the support you need for your small business with simple steps and effective resources. At MGI Advocacy and Consulting, we are committed to delivering the tools you need to bring integrity to your business and train you on how to maximize your skills in operating your business. Maria Guadognoli and her team of experts take great pride in everything they do, from implementing simple organizational structures, creating agreements or manuals, or training you on streamlining aspects of your business; MGI guarantees to take your business to the next level.

Assessments and Structures

At MGI Advocacy and Consulting, we specialize in doing small business needs assessments to identify the gaps and provide you with the systems and structures to bridge these gaps that are negatively impacting your business. We guide you at the onset for new start-ups to ensure you begin building your business on a solid foundation of integrity. Every business needs a robust platform that integrates the essential needs and purpose of the business. At MGI Advocacy and Consulting, we excel at delivering this service and are committed to working with you and your team to elevate all possibilities. We are committed to empowering you at every step. 

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Shift your Small Business from Reactive to Proactive

As part of the strategic planning process, you’ll examine and analyze your entire business. You’ll look at what your business does well and the areas where it still needs to improve. By identifying your business’s current strengths and weaknesses, the process allows your business to create a clear picture of your goals and objectives that you want to accomplish and a path to execute these, which will foster an increase in productivity and contribute to the overall success of your business.

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Achieve more in your personal, professional, and academic lives, and receive the support you require to elevate your writing, gain confidence and diversify your writing capabilities.


Our services provide you with the direction needed to write successful applications from financial, health, education to Covid and government support needs. 


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