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Creating A Foundation of Integrity for Your Small Business

We often take for granted the simple intricacies and details that surround us. This is often the case when we are engorged into every day demands of either starting, modifying, running, or expanding the very businesses we have invested months or even years to create. When it comes to your business creating a foundation of integrity is key as it provides the context necessary for you to know where you are in your expansion, what may be missing or is holding you back and it provides you the key to unveil the very intricate details that could help you elevate your performance and bottom line.

What do I mean by creating a foundation of integrity for your business? Creating a foundation of integrity means being honest, operating a level of truth that is accurate, factual, and certain, being authentic with ourselves and others we work with, and having sound or strong moral principles that we and our businesses operate from. You may say yes, I do this all the time, but the reality is we let little things go, we don’t always do what we say we were going to do and we make rash or unsound decisions that we know lack consistency and go against what we really want for ourselves or our businesses. In the end, our businesses get the impact of us out of integrities because we let these details slip and put it aside for another day or another time.

My innate skills have allowed me get to the root causes, discover the obstacles or challenges of any small business and discover what can help elevate your business. Through conversation with small business owners and a full exploration and review of digital and hard copy files, bank accounts and paperwork, I am able to see what choices, decisions, habits and patterns are operating in the background that are jeopardizing or sabotaging your businesses success. People often get overwhelmed by these types of documents and see them as a burden, annoyance or hassle. For me its exciting! Everything you need to know is right there in front of you! It’s like a puzzle and in looking at all the moving pieces and how they fit I can see beyond the words, numbers, combinations and patterns reveal what is working and not working for your business. It paints a story and provides the details necessary to restore and (re)create a foundation of integrity for your business’s success. What is the secret to your small business success? The key to any successful business is ensuring structures are in place, it is well organized and the small details are always checked and aligned with your business goals. Operating from a high level of Integrity is the key to your business’s evolution.

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Covid-19 & Anxiety

It is natural that during major life events and/or stressful situations that many individuals will experience anxiety. With the Covid-19 Pandemic and the increasing number of individuals adversely impacted, it is no coincidence that everyone’s fears about the pandemic has led to excessive increases in anxiety.

The pandemic has been a difficult, challenging, and trying time for everyone leading to increased levels of anxiety. I am no stranger to this having experienced high levels of anxiety with my son and myself personally. I remember waking up and going to bed shaking due to the stress of the situation, worrying about myself and my family, and needing to find ways to protect ourselves from the situation.

The increased anxieties from multiple closures, the symptoms and velocity of spread of the virus, and being left in the unknown created a state of limbo. It was especially difficult for my who suffers from severe anxiety. He developed a paranoia around the Covid-19 situation and refused to go outside, was worried all the time and upset as his world was turned upside down. He had every right to be upset, afraid, and anxious; the whole world was too. What did make a difference for us both in terms of coping with the pandemic was the access to supports. Prior to the pandemic, I created a support network; a team, that I was able to call and implement an action plan withdrawing on resources and supports. These types of supports made a tremendous difference for my family by providing a supportive environment that reduced everyone’s anxiety.

Here are some useful and reputable resources about mental health and anxiety that can come in handy during this time.

Mental Health & Anxiety Resources:










Academic Articles:



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5 Quick Tips on Being Powerfully Resourceful

  There are numerous resources, supports and funding opportunities available, but not everyone knows or is able to access them. It’s not that they’re inaccessible, it’s just not highly advertised or easy to find unless you know where to look, what questions to ask, who to speak to or how to locate the information. What is important here is being powerfully resourceful. 

What does it mean to be powerfully resourceful?

To be powerfully resourceful means being able to find quick, clever, creative and inventive ways of overcoming difficulties, barriers, obstacles and issues. It’s using your problem solving, logic and critical thinking skills to achieve your desired results. Qualities of being powerfully resourceful involve taking initiative, advocating for one’s self or others, using out of the box thinking to explore and discover the available options or to create opportunities where non existed, and continuing even when there seems to be no other options available. Ultimately it is being relentless in looking for the alternatives, finding them and using them to achieve your desired outcome.

People always ask me how do I do what I do and know what I know? The truth of the matter is I don’t know everything, but I am willing to find an answer because I use my existing knowledge and the skill sets to be powerfully resourceful. I push myself to learn so that I can make a difference for my clients and the people I work with. We often hear people say knowledge is power. The truth of the matter is that it’s true, especially when talking about being powerfully resourceful.

I know it can sometimes be hard to know where to start. For this reason, I have provided you 5 quick tips to guide you in being powerfully resourceful.

Here are 5 Quick Tips on Being Powerfully Resourceful:

    1. Identify the resources you need. Seek information by asking questions:
      What you are looking for? Why are you looking for it? What tools can help you locate this information? Who do you know that might know something about this?

    2. To help you narrow down what you need, refer to reputable sources of information such as government websites, banks, books, articles, reports, and experts in the field. Always go directly to the source.

    3. Verify what you read by cross-referencing this information so that you have the most current information and aren’t mislead or manipulated by fake news.

    4. If you are having difficulties with sorting the information or completing any applications, ask for help. To do this seek support from a reliable source: organizations or individuals in the field, who can assist you.

    5. Connect with other people and organizations. One great way is connecting with resource groups or support groups in the area or field you are seeking support and resources. Power comes from being able to connect and share with others and it provides you an outlet to locate information quickly.