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Welcome! MGI Advocacy and Consulting is a firm founded by Maria Guadagnoli that brings full potential solutions to small businesses, educators, families, and non-profit organizations. We are dedicated to targeting the unique needs of those we serve so that each individual, family, and business discovers endless possibilities. Our company believes that everyone needs to have the experience of being included and that disabilities should never be a barrier to achieving any goal or lifestyle need.



Advocating is a key offering at MGI. We believe in removing all barriers, so full potential solutions are always available to everyone, everywhere. From training you to use your own voice or to having our team represent what matters to you, our holistic approach redefines what can be possible for you and your life.



Specializing in diversity, inclusion, and disability management, Maria Guadagnoli is masterful at leading lectures and educating participants to use their voice and bring awareness to the available resources, services, and systems.



Shift your small business from reactive to proactive. MGI small business solutions are your one-stop-shop experience for the organization or set up of your business or non-profit. Our team will create and customize simple solutions that drive sustainability so that you can spend more time building the future of your business or non-profit.



From university students to executives, MGI training programs, designed by Maria Guadagnoli, provide the necessary tools needed for every small business, non-profit and individual who wants to be trained in effective advocating methodologies, grant submissions, educational supports, writing, and so much more. 

Advocacy is a
call to action.

If you do not ask, people assume you do not need it.
MGI Advocacy and Consulting is committed to training you on how and when to use your voice for those things that really matter to you.

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Our Commitment

At MGI Advocacy and Consulting, we are committed to delivering high-quality services to our clients that will open doors of possibilities. With new skills and understanding, we arm our clients with the knowledge and support that drives full potential solutions for their personal and professional lives.


Covid-19 & Anxiety

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Educate Yourself

Visit MGI Advocacy and Consulting for all your up-to-date resources to support you through your disability needs and your right to live your best life.

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